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“I love Cheddar Up! Not only did we triple our PTA memberships by eliminating paper, we collected over $46,000 for our PTA through sponsorships, registrations and spirit wear sales all BEFORE school started. Parents love the convenience of being able to sign up and purchase everything on-line. My Treasurer is ecstatic that she doesn't have to manually enter information and create reports like she had in the past. The Cheddar Up Team was a dream to work with and their customer service is one of the best I have encountered."

- Gigi Luke, PTA President, Tierra Linda Middle School, San Carlos, CA

We’re making life easier for our local units. 

Now, in just a few clicks you can collect dues online! When your members pay by credit card or eCheck, their dues are automatically split between your local unit and the Ohio PTA. Member reporting for all of your online payments will then automatically be happening behind the scenes.* Our goal is to save your local unit hours of administrative work, and help you increase membership by moving online.  


Holiday Teacher Gifts

Holiday Teacher Gifts

Now, in just a few clicks, your community can pay dues online.* 

Dues Collection Made Easy

To get started, click “Use Membership Template” below. Then customize the title, amount and form to make your online collection page the way you want it.  When you're done creating your online page, you'll receive a link. Simply share the link with your community—on your website, school Facebook page, or emailand start collecting. Once collected, access your online reporting and withdraw money directly to your bank account.


Create Your Online Membership Page*



*For every membership payment you receive using this template, $4.75 of it will automatically be sent to Ohio PTA.

Cheddar Up's customer support team is available to help your local PTA unit with any questions. Want more info?  Read our FAQs or head over to our Learning Center.



Need to offer a family membership level**? We've got you covered. Create a second tab for family memberships. Share links to your two tabs and let people choose what's best for them.


**Family membership is for no more than two family members. For every family membership   payment you receive using this template, $9.50 of it will automatically be sent to Ohio PTA.


*Please note that any payments received offline (cash/check) will still need to be submitted by your local unit to Ohio PTA.