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What is the purpose of this tool?
Our new custom collecting platform helps local units move dues collecting online. But that’s not all. It can also help your local unit move almost ANY type of collecting online (from dues to spirit wear to enrichment to fun runs). Units that move dues and activities online consistently collect more. We want our local units to be able to move online seamlessly, without having to reinvent the wheel.  

As it relates to membership dues, the first step of our integration with Cheddar Up is to get all of our local units collecting online. Then we will continue to roll out new features to make monthly reporting to the state more automatic.

How do I collect membership using this tool? 

First, make sure you create an account on Cheddar Up using the European PTA Sign Up Page. Signing up on this page is what will give you access to the custom tools created exclusively for European PTA local units. If you’ve already been using Cheddar Up and want access to these tools, please reach out to Cheddar Up Support and they will help!

Once registered, from the “My Collections” page, click "Create". This will take you to the Collection builder. From here, you can begin to create your Membership Dues collection page. When creating your Dues collection page, you’ll find custom tools at your disposal:

  • Within the Details step, you’ll have the option to add a custom-branded banner.
  • Within the Items step, you’ll find an Item Library for European PTA that allows you to add items easily. You’ll see a Single Membership item and a Family Membership item in this library. Once you add these items to your page, you can edit them by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the item box. This will allow you to change the item name or price at your convenience.
  • Within the Forms step, you’ll see a “membership form”. Add this form to your page to collect basic information from your members. Once you add this form, you can click on the gear icon in the upper right of the form box to make any necessary customizations.
  • At any time while creating your Dues page, you can click the “View” button in the upper right to see how your page is coming along.
  • Once you are done building your page, you’ll land on the “Share” step. This is where you will see the link (or URL) to your new online Dues page. You can customize this link if you want to make it shorter or more specific. This link is what you’ll want to share with your community. You can share it almost anywhere – on a Facebook page, school website, eblast or newsletter…even on a flier. The more you promote this link, the more you’ll increase your dues.

When I add the single or family membership items to my page, can I edit them? 
YES! You can customize anything that you add from the Item and Form Libraries. Once you add an item from the item library, you can edit it by simply clicking the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the item box. Since every local unit charges a different amount for dues, we expect you’ll need to edit the price of memberships at a minimum.

How do I share my membership collection page after I create it? 
From the “My Collections” page, you’ll want to click on your collection. Then, simply click on “Share”. There you’ll see your unique URL for your dues collection page. You can copy this link and begin sharing it via all your communication channels—on your school website, school Facebook page, and weekly eblasts. One of the great things about moving dues online with Cheddar Up is your ability to constantly and consistently promote joining your PTA. If promoted well, you'll likely see a meaningful increase in membership.

Can I add PTA dues to other collection pages that I create for my PTA?  
Yes. Let’s say you are using Cheddar Up to collect for a fun run. Why not add a dues item to that page as well? This is a great strategy for increasing membership! Chances are that you’re going to have a great turnout for the fun run. And if a parent sees PTA dues as an option on the same checkout page, they are very likely to add it to their cart – simply because it’s convenient to do so.

How do I handle cash/check membership payments? 

Cheddar Up has an optional feature that allows you to provide a third payment method to your community, which is  the “cash/check” method. This is a nice option if you're concerned that some people will not want to pay online. You can turn on this feature when creating your collection within the “Settings” step. There is a toggle that even allows you to provide delivery instructions on where to send the check. See the question below for how you will report your online and offline payments to European PTA.

Do I still need to send European PTA monthly membership reports and payments?  
Yes. There is a new process for submitting reports and dues payments to European PTA. In the future, our goal is to further automate this so monthly reporting to the state can happen behind the scenes. But today we do not have that functionality. We’ve chosen to first focus heavily on getting all of our local units collecting dues online. Not only will this increase efficiency, but it will also increase membership!

With that in mind, we will be rolling out a new way to report dues to European PTA. It will be easier than in years past and will involve only two steps:

  • Pay monthly lump-sum payments to European PTA online.
    NOTE: You will be able to pay your monthly dues to European PTA online via Cheddar Up (versus having to mail us a check). We recommend that you pay using Cheddar Up’s electronic check (echeck) payment method, which is a flat $0.45. These monthly lump-sum payments should include the European PTA/National PTA’s portion of the dues that your unit collects ($3.75 per member) for both online (via Cheddar Up) and offline (cash/check) payments. You can send these lump-sum payments to European PTA using our newly available online EPTA Monthly Membership Reporting Form or by searching under the Membership tab at

  • Send a spreadsheet with your members to European PTA.
    NOTE: We will be releasing email instructions for this later this fall.

Can I use Cheddar Up for other types of PTA collections? If so, how?
YES! YES! YES! And thousands of schools and PTAs across the U.S. and Canada do this for everything from Fun Runs to Enrichment Programs to Spirit Wear. Anything that you are currently collecting with checks and paper forms can be easily recreated on Cheddar Up. We’ve even added other common collecting items to our European PTA Item Library that you’ll see within the Items step.  

Can I use Cheddar Up to collect for in-person events (i.e., point of sale)? 
Yes. Many schools and PTAs use Cheddar Up for point-of-sale transactions allowing them to keep all funds in one place. They typically do this by having a laptop or ipads at the event. We also have a USB swiper that you can purchase from Cheddar Up. Contact us with any further questions regarding point-of-sale!

How do I receive my money?
When people pay you, Cheddar Up keeps your funds safe and secure until you're ready to withdraw the money into your bank account. To withdraw funds, simply click on the orange dollar sign in the top navigation of Cheddar Up. Your funds will arrive in your bank account within 1-3 business days.

Some of my collected funds are still pending. How long does it take payments to process? 
Credit cards typically process within 1-2 business days to become available for withdrawal, and echeck payments can take up to 5 business days to process (electronic bank transfers are just a slower form of payment). Once all funds have processed, they will be available for withdrawal.

What are the fees to use Cheddar Up?
You can use Cheddar Up for completely free. By default, we pass processing fees on to the payer. You can feel good about this because payers can choose how they want to pay - either with a credit card (3.5% + $0.45) or via an electronic bank transfer (flat $0.45 - less than the price of a stamp!). We do have some PRO features that many PTAs find value in, but they are optional.

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The European PTA is proud to offer local units a custom collecting platform to help move dues collecting online. But that’s not all. It can also help your local unit move almost ANY type of collecting online (from dues to spirit wear to enrichment to fun runs).